The Best Tents Out There

We’re bringing together the best tents we’ve reviewed to give you one absolute list for 2017 so that your next could very well be your last. To capture most of the consumer market, the top five tents we’ve included reflect a wide variety of applications. From family camping excursions to Everest overnights, we’ve got you covered no matter how frightful the weather might be.

Nemo Equipment Losi

Perfect for overnights in the brush, Nemo’s Equipment Losi is an excellent choice that offers a wide appeal to most campers due to its versatility in use. It’s lightweight, durable by comparison to other tents in its class, and has some unique features that show the attention to detail Nemo went through in designing this tent.

Thirty-two square feet of floor space makes it a comfortable two-person sleeper, and forty-six inches of head clearance should allow for most to comfortably sit up without brushing against the tent’s roof. Two doors and a mesh upper body facilitate ventilation and reduction of vapor condensation.

Kelty TN2

Our top pick as the best backpacking tent, the Kelty TN2 offers excellent protection and comfort for an awesome price. Kelty has received numerous design awards for this one, and it’s obvious why when you compare it others on the market.

Its compactness and weight make it a breeze to travel with, unpack, breakdown, and repack. Interior floor space is measured at a little less than twenty-seven square feet, vertical clearance is forty-two inches, and the TN2 makes excellent use of its vestibule’s usable area which comes in just above twenty square feet.


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